Who Is Han Lee?

Hey what the hell is going on good people.

Coach Han Lee here and I am stoked you took a break from your busy day to visit my blog.

coach han lee

Not going to waste a lot of time telling you about where I grew up and all the struggles I went through before becoming a successful online marketer.

Yes, I started like everyone else, struggled like hell for years before breaking through and began making decent income online

Now I am a full time internet marketer and am enjoying the shit out of living the laptop lifestyle.

My days typically include spending time with my daughter, hitting the gym, and basically just doing whatever I want to do that day.

Notice I did not say, get up at the ass crack of dawn, drive in traffic to work, see what bullshit my dick of a boss wants me to do today, nope none of that.

I worked in the soul sucking corporate world for 15 years and each and every day was spent dreaming of living the life I live today.

Why am I telling you all this, to brag?

Hell no, I appreciate everything the world has given me and know exactly where I came from, a very similar place to where you may be right now.

My goal is simple, to bring up others who are just getting started or are struggling to break through.

Trust me this shit isn’t hard and anyone can do but you have to have patience and faith that good things can happen to your as well.

I am going to show you the ins and outs of making money online as well as reviewing some of the top products on the market so you can avoid getting sucked into yet another “too good to be true” marketing program.

I know all about those scams, hell in my first 3 years, I spent well over $8,000 just on marketing products, software and seminar and all of that brought me no closer to reaching my goal of becoming a successful online marketer.

You can follow the path I did and end up spending years of your life and a fortune of your hard earned money chasing this dream or you can let me show you an easier way to the level of success you desire.

I said “easier” but that does not mean there won’t be work involved, in fact, you will be working your ass off but that’s ok because it will all be worth it in the end when you reach your goals.

Enough talking, let’s get busy

Ready? Buckle Up and Enjoy The Ride!